Amazon Books Interview
Amazon Books Interview
O Lanoo! was written to help with the understanding of Man's purpose in life, so that we can all make a difference. Harvey Tordoff explained this in an interview with Amazon Books.

Why we are Here

We all have different ideas of why we are here, but perhaps there is a common thread. In some way we want to make a difference. And unless you are completely hedonistic that "difference" has to be of some service to others (life partner, children, family, community, a disadvantaged section of society, the environment, etc.).

Having spent most of my working life in an office I am not equipped to help others in many practical ways, and so I have chosen writing. I believe that suffering in the world could be reduced if more people have greater understanding. I remember hearing an old Buddhist monk saying: "The world doesn't need more of anything. There is enough food and there are sufficient resources. All the world needs is less ignorance." Through greater understanding will come greater harmony.

More and more, in the last twenty or thirty years, macro theory (economic, environmental, social, political) accepts the interconnectedness of the different elements of the world. We don't understand all the ramifications of a fire in the Amazon rain forest, the collapse of communism in a poor country, the granting of debt-laden aid in the wake of a civil war, but at least we now realise that every action sparks a chain reaction. I have written "O Lanoo!" (lanoo is a Sanskrit word for spiritual student) in the hope that this will help in the process of understanding connections: between cause and effect; between one human being and another; between mankind and the environment; and between mankind and his God.