I sat down on our chaise longue the other day, and the sun was shining outside. Suddenly, the name Lanoo came into my consciousness. Amazing! It was a nick-name that had been given to me by my parents in the '50's...I never found out what it meant for years...even when living in India, no-one seemed to know what it meant...so, after this feeling, I checked out immediately on-line and came across your book 'O Lanoo'! I felt it was written for me...amazing.. and I have been a 'seeker after truth' all my life! I found your book so beautiful and am so happy to have discovered it. Thank you.
Grace B, Glastonbury, UK

"In the book, O Lanoo! The Secret Doctrine Unveiled (Findhorn Press, 1999), Harvey Tordoff has given to us what Tibetan lamas give to their students. He has done this for the Book of Dzyan. He has taken the stanzas of the Book of Dzyan as translated into English by H. P. Blavatsky and put them into modern English language. The language of the Tibetan scriptures, precisely translated from Sanskrit originals, is largely incomprehensible even to Tibetan monks, let alone to the Tibetan public. So these texts need to be re-stated in comprehensible Tibetan. This is what Tibetan lamas have done over the centuries. This is what Harvey has done for the Book of Dzyan, re-stating its stanzas in comprehensible English.
To put a text into more comprehensible language is quite different from simplifying the text. Neither Tibetan lamas nor Harvey in their re-statements have consciously undertaken simplifications of the text. On the contrary, it is clear that Harvey, like a Tibetan lama, has made an in-depth study of the text in order to be able to re-state its ideas accurately."
David Reigle, Prajnaquest

"If anyone wants to read The Secret Doctrine, they should read O Lanoo! first."
Nick M, California

"O Lanoo! looks like something everyone who's interested in the Ageless Wisdom should investigate.
O Lanoo! is a wonderfully rendered poetic version of The Secret Doctrine, and it manages to accomplish something - in its simplicity - that many generations of writers have not, even in many volumes."
Andrew, Comparative Religion Forum

"I was so pleased to receive your book this morning. What a marvellous work it is! Please accept my deep gratitude for all your "hard labour" in producing it for us. Anyone who has struggled with The Secret Doctrine, as I have over the years, must appreciate your incredible achievement."
Jim S, Essex UK

"Your work is drenched in esotericism, it is so wonderfully conveyed in the poetic format you offer. O Lanoo! embraces the real essence of HPB's knowledge with as grounded an understanding as can be with such material. I find it immensely engaging."
Bhimi C, Georgia USA

"I have just stepped off a cloud. Have, at last, read O Lanoo!. Yes, an epic poem, ... such beauty, such wisdom, such concise phrasing, so acceptable. This afternoon I said to myself: 'What do I really want to do?' The answer was 'read O Lanoo!' - so I have done, sitting in the sun in the conservatory. Immediate result: I feel stabilized in a way I have not done for a long while."
May D. Dorset, UK

"This book is a remarkable verse distillation of Blavatsky's famous but impenetrable opus. Lanoo is a Sanskrit term for a seeker after truth. The author was financial director of a computer company until the late 80s, when he bailed out and retreated to the Lake District. The book is divided into stanzas and verses covering the seven creations and the journey of the pilgrim soul. The language is limpid and charged with meaning, making it a masterpiece of condensed transposition. Highly recommended."
Books in Brief, University of Plymouth, UK

"Many people believe that there is a Spiritual Universe, a first cause, without which there would be no Physical Universe. Up until now though, many have been unable understand the relationship between the two, or the events that led from the one to the other. Those texts that do refer to the Creation often use obscure language. O Lanoo! fills this void in a pleasant and poetical style. It explains clearly the sequence of events that led to the formation of the current physical Universe, but does not fail to include those entities without whom, any work would be soulless. I refer to God, the Angels, and Humanity, not forsaking the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms."
Jimi M, Harlow, UK

"It appears you have put pen to paper what has been written on my soul. I am as blessed with your words as I am with the illustrator's work."
Betty VM, Ohio, USA

"I have been a dedicated and devoted student of The Secret Doctrine for the past 70 years, and I read O Lanoo! with interest and pleasure. Your book conveys something of the extent and depth of the teaching - and it has the right "feeling" about it. I think you have done a grand job."
Geoffrey Farthing, writer

"Harvey's book is amazing - he has made so much sense out of a writing that was so complex and mysterious. It flows so beautifully and I'll enjoy reading it again and again."
Frances S, Berkshire, UK

"I have just read O Lanoo! and it was fantastic. I have recently completed reading the Conversation with God trilogy by Neale Donald Walshe which has helped very much. Your book helped further."
Stephen H, West Sussex, UK

"I would like to have the epilogue read out at my funeral service."
Maureen W, Hampshire, UK

"Thanks to Harvey Tordoff's labour of love, we now have Blavatsky's cosmogony in a nutshell..."
Ulla S, Berlin, Germany

"The main theme, the journey of the Pilgrim-Soul, is central to all Western literature, from Homer's Odyssey to the Bible, from Dante's Divine Comedy, to William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience, and T S Eliot's Four Quartets. O Lanoo! echoes these texts, which is why I found it stimulating."
Jim Greenhalf, writer

"This is a remarkable work that will make the difficult but profound and extremely relevant cosmology of The Secret Doctrine accessible to many, many people at a time when it is desperately needed. O Lanoo! presents [the work of H.P.Blavatsky] in simple and beautiful poetic language."
Robert Ellwood, writer

"A beautiful flowing text unveiling the shared origins of our spiritual journey."
Gary T, Berlin, Germany