You are a seven-aspected Being,
O Lanoo,
A collection of atoms
And molecules
And subtle energies
Which are constantly changing,
In a Universe
Which is constantly changing,

You have become today
That which you were becoming yesterday,
So cling not
To that which was
But look at what is to be,
At what you are becoming,
For to resist this forward motion
Is to resist the very nature of the Universe.

And as you move towards
A spiritual destiny
Glorious beyond your imagination
Know that we are all Pilgrim-Souls
At different stages
Of the same journey.

And be not deluded into saying
"Thy Soul" and "my Soul"
For at the end of the journey
We will be as one.

The path is long
But be not overawed,
Nor feel insignificant or alone,
For whatever stage you have reached,
Like all Pilgrim-Souls,
You can do no more
Than take the next step.

And with every step
Know that you are truly sacred,
And that all sentient Beings are your kin,
For you are part of God
And God is all of you.

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