This is the story of the Cosmos:
Not so much the story of Creation
As the story of Evolution,
For in truth
Nothing is created.

The Absolute Oneness
Of the long Night of Rest
On the different planes
Of the long Day of Brahma.

But as above, so below,
And for those who can see
Beyond the words,
The story of the Cosmos
Is also the story
Of the solar system,
And Earth,
And Man.

That which evolves
Can only evolve
From the essence
Of that which is to evolve;

The deed evolves
From the essence of the deed,
From the thought.

The Earth evolved
From the essence of the Earth,
Which in the cosmic fiery dust
Was without substance or form.

As Spirit descended into Matter
The essence of Earth,
The ethereal planet,
Hardened and adopted the shape
Of the planet you now know
As Mother Earth.

Thus evolution progresses
Through a series of stages or globes,
O Lanoo,
Each containing the essence
Of the globe to follow.

This dense world of Matter
Is not the ultimate achievement of evolution,
But merely one link
In a chain
Which will contain more globes
Ascending now towards Spirit.

This is the Universal pattern:
Seven Globes;
Seven Rounds;
Seven Ages,
In which Spirit
Passes through seven states of being.

Then the triple strands of evolution,
Spirit, intellect and form,
Come together in Man,
From whence the Spirit,
Now with the self-knowledge
And wisdom
Of experience,
Can move to the next cycle
On the path
To the Absolute Oneness
Of the Divine Essence.

It is as though the moisture
In some vast ocean
Had been burnt up by a fiery sun,
Evaporated to form clouds in the air,
Fallen as drops of rain on the ground,
Collected in pools
And flowed as streams
And rivers,
Over rocks and earth
To form again one vast ocean;
The same drops
Of the same moisture
Within the same ocean,
Yet changed by the passage
Through and over those alien elements.

Before you ask why,
O Lanoo,
Ask yourself this:
Can Man
On this fourth globe,
This world of illusion,
Hope to comprehend the Infinite?
If you were so small
That you could see the atoms
Of your Mother's body,
Wheeling like vast solar systems,
Could you imagine
Her true nature?
At night when you look at the stars
In The Milky Way,
Can you imagine
What you are really looking at?
Could you comprehend if you were told?

It is enough
That you know
That you are a Pilgrim-Soul,
On a journey shared by all Beings,
Through the cycle of Humanity,
Through the cycle of Earth,
Through the cycle of the Cosmos,
As you move ever closer
To the Eternal Source.

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