38. Thus two by two,
Separated into the sexes,
The Third Race gave birth
To the Fourth Race,
Which dwelt in the physical world,
A world whose God became known
As Satan,
The Adversary.

But Satan was a manifestation of God,
Not an adversary,
Rather it was Matter,
The substance of Satan's world,
That could be said to be opposed to Spirit.

In each of the seven zones of earth
The Sons of Gods
Gave birth to physical Man,
And for the first time
The Divine Spark was
Separated by a wall of Matter
From the Divine Source.

From some bodies
The Divine Spark could dimly perceive
The Divine Spirit,
But most Men and Women
Quickly forgot their divine nature.

39. The Gods
The demi-Gods
And the Heroes,
The first three Races,
Had little substance;
But as Man became more dense
So he could no longer create
And with the fall of the Third Race
Creation gave way to reproduction.

This was the advent of the Fourth Race,
The age of Atlantis,
The world of the Titans;
Man was human
And terrestrial
In every sense,
With Mind
And Nature
Working together in Matter.

The new, thickening skin
Which clothed the subtle bodies
Of the men who bridged
The Third and Fourth Races
Was uniform and moon-coloured,
But in Fourth Race Man
The pigmentation of this covering
Would come to reflect
The energies of the subtle bodies.

The three distinct strands
Of incarnating Souls,
From the three different groups
Of Creative Spirits,
Established the three main sub-races of Atlantis.

The yellow,
The red,
And the brown
Would sub-divide
In the Seven Ages of the Fourth Race,
Producing the ancestors
Of the complex ethnic groups
In the Fifth Race of Man.

40. The separation of the sexes
Which began in the latter half
Of the Third Race
Was to evolve fully
In the Fourth Race;
The Age of Lemuria
Gave way to the Age of Atlantis.

As yet Man still communed with the Gods,
Not realising
That his slow fall into Matter
Rendered him less than the Gods.

And when the Gods
Faded from his field of vision
Man saw himself as King of Earth,
And believed that he was a God;
The ego eclipsed the Divine Spark
And Spiritual Man
Became the Man of Self.

41. The Golden Age
Became a distant memory,
For although the Gods
Were still with Man
Man could no longer perceive the Gods
And felt abandoned
In an Age of Darkness.

Now men responded to physical urges
And they took wives from each other,
And from lesser species;
Thus it was that
Ego battled with ego,
Man with Man,
And poor Earth knew
For the first time
The meaning of war.

42. Now, O Lanoo,
Man could see no further
Than his own body,
Which thus became an object of worship,
And his whole life
Was dedicated to satisfying
His basic desires.

Man lost the ability to sense
All but the lower vibrations
Through his five lower senses;
The third eye,
The true window of the soul,
Receded and atrophied
Leaving the pineal gland
As a sad reminder
Of a distant glorious past
When the art of "seeing"
Embraced eternity.

And with the loss of his third eye
Man lost sight of the perfect harmony
Of the Universe,
Balanced by the law of Karma and Rebirth
Which decrees that every action has a reaction;
Every cause has an effect.

Man forgot that his Soul
Is subject to no Fate,
Random or predetermined,
Save that which every Being
Creates for himself.

And as his higher senses faded
Man became imprisoned
In a physical body
Constrained by Time and Space.

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