5. For 300 million years
Earth whirled
As she rushed through Space
And eventually
The elements coalesced.

The forerunners of minerals appeared,
And vegetation,
And insect life,
But in those early years,
O Lanoo,
Before she found a stable orbit,
Earth was a violent place.

Again and again she shook
And tilted her axis,
And from the oceans
New life emerged
Only to be destroyed
With the next convulsion.

Thus it came to pass
That natural evolution produced
The lower animal kingdoms
And even a race
Which could be said to resemble Man.

But this first attempt at Man
Created solely from Earth’s elements
Was soul-less
And spirit-less;
No more than an instinctual animal.

6. Thus did Mother Earth
Make her animal-Man,
Using only physical elements
Derived from the minerals, vegetation and animals
Of earlier evolution.

And now the Spirits of the Sun
And the Spirits of the Moon
Came and looked
At that which Earth had created.

7. Spirit descends gradually,
Eventually accepting the constraints
And distortions
Of the awful prison of Matter,
But when the Creative Spirits
Saw the Earth-made man-creatures
They recoiled in horror,
For these bodies
Were too gross for spiritual growth;
Man could not be created
By Nature unaided.

8. And so as Earth settled in her orbit
The harsh Sun beat down
And dried up the oceans,
And the fiery lower Spirits
Ended the evolutionary lines
Of those soul-less creatures
Which could never be men.

9. Mother Earth wept
And the waters of her oceans
Were lifted up towards the Moon
From whence they came.

10. Bare land emerged from beneath the sea
And the gross natural creatures were gone,
And Earth was cleansed
And bathed in solar light
And spiritual Light.

She was ready for the beginning
Of new Life.

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