Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Preface
  3. The Poem of OM

Part I - The Seven Creations

  1. Before Creation
  2. The Essence of the Creation to Come
  3. The Re-awakening of the Universe
  4. The Creation of the Gods
  5. The Creation of the Galaxies
  6. The Creation of Earth (Aside)
  7. The Creation of Man

Part II - The Journey of the Pilgrim-Soul

  1. Earth, Home of Man
  2. Natural Evolution
  3. The Creation of Man
  4. The Creation of the First Races
  5. The Evolution of the Second Race
  6. The Second Race Gives Way to the Third
  7. The First Human Races
  8. The Animal Kingdom & the First Fall
  9. The Final Evolution of (Physical) Man
  10. The History of the Fourth Race
  11. The Destruction of the Fourth Race
  12. The Fifth Race
  13. Epilogue