Das Buch ersetzt nicht die Geheimlehre! Aber die Verse singen und schwingen in die Materie ein. Man bekommt Lust, sich auf Frau Blavatskys Opus magnum einzulassen.
(The book does not replace secret teaching! But the verses sing and swing into the matter. You feel like getting involved with Mrs. Blavatsky's Opus magnum.)

Manuela Kaulich, Theosophische Gesellschaft Adyar in Deutschland


"The author has attempted in his exposition to retain something of the feeling of [the original language of Dzyan] in that the whole of his book is written in a lyrical free verse. His rendering is as a result of much intuitive examination of the main text, and is perhaps easier to read and - more immediately comprehensible than the original. In the Introduction he says, "I have tried to be faithful to the rich, poetical language of Dzyan, but have avoided words that would be unfamiliar to the average reader". In this attempt he certainly succeeds in creating a readable and illuminating text.

The reader of this review must not get the impression that he has in any way limited or reduced the original subject matter and must be prepared to spend time in trying to assimilate what must be new, and in some cases strange, ideas as against those of present day conventional thinking and presentation.

The book is an invaluable one for anyone seeking answers to many of the deep questions which all of us at some time or another in our lives necessarily ask. In the ordinary way we simply do not have the information to answer them satisfactorily.

The author of this work has given us an immense amount of material to illuminate those normally dark places of our lives."
Geoffrey Farthing

A full version of the review can be found at The High Country Theosophist (April 2000) Vol 15 No.4 Page 25.

"Seven stanzas give an abstract formula describing seven great steps of the evolutionary process referred to in the Puranas as "Seven Creations" and in the Bible as "Days" of Creation. Tordoff has done modern readers a great favor by reworking the original Western translation, difficult for all but serious scholars to understand. In doing so, Tordoff has made these ideas accessible to anyone inclined to wonder about the origins of not only the individual soul but Earth and universe as well. A great work to read aloud even by oneself to savor the cosmic ideas within.

"Not only is this 10,000-word epic poem equal to such philosophical works as the Bhagavad Gita, Tao te Ching and the Dhammapada, it stands above them in staying closer to its original meaning. Tordoff has successfully retained the earlier, rich, poetical writing style while making the teaching more accessible with its simplicity. Every library, and those interested in the philosophy of spirituality, would benefit by having O Lanoo! on their shelves."
Sophia Tarila, Foreword Magazine, USA

"This book will stimulate the imagination, stretch the mind and reassure the soul."
Tony Mitton, Findhorn Press, USA

"This book distils in beautiful, poetic language, the Ancient Wisdom teachings on how the Universe began. It also tells of the time when the gods lived on Earth, and how the Spirit of God came to live in Man. It follows the twin strands of evolution, in Spirit and Matter, as the Ages of Lemuria and Atlantis gave way to our present Age. Delicate line drawings by Nina O'Connell add to the eloquence of these explanations. O Lanoo! is indeed a book for anyone on a spiritual path."
Cygnus Review, UK

"Where do I start... how about with a book by Harvey Tordoff called O Lanoo! - The Secret Doctrine Unveiled. This is an excellent book, that believe it or not takes on the challenge of writing the history of the world. In the format of an epic poem, no less! Don't let that scare you - this is a gentle, loving book - inspired - I'd say. Lanoo means a student, a seeker of truth and if you're ready for an author to wrap his arms around you and take you on an inner universal journey, then you're ready for this one!"
Gabriole Springfield, Eagleye, Canada

"O Lanoo! ~ a title that will either put potential readers off or engage their curiosity. A word to the wise: be among the latter and you'll discover a marvel of a book with an apt name. Paring the essence of Blavatsky's 750,000 words to a mere 10,000 is a feat handled extraordinarily by Mr Tordoff, who chose a poetic format for the two parts of his book. The lyrical discourse distils the metaphysical map of creation that students of The Secret Doctrine, and many others, have sought. Pen and ink illustrations, marvellously conceived by Nina O'Connell, are brilliant seeds for contemplation or meditation."
Aspectarian, USA

"The Sanskrit word lanoo means "seeker of Truth," or spiritual student. Extracting from the weighty manuscript of madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Tordoff's treatment captures the essence of her significant work in retelling an ancient Sanskrit text.

"Written as if by a teacher for a student, the poem describes the underlying unity of creation and evolution. Beginning before the dawn of the universe, it depicts a time when gods lived on Earth, and how that Divine essence later came to inhabit mortals. The verses speak with potency of the eternal dance of Spirit and Matter in its passage through the Ages of Lemuria and Atlantis and on into our present.

"Inspirational, meditative and rich in meaning, the poem clothes timeless truths in clear, uncluttered garb and provides an eloquent picture of the spiritual landscape through which the seeker must travel. Gathering together some of the oldest tenets of various world traditions, O Lanoo! brings the seeker to that "secret doctrine" of an inner spiritual rebirth."
Maya Trace Borhani, NAPRA ReVIEW, USA

"Dear One, student and spirit, here is a tale to help you to understand what your soul already knows. Now take a look at the big picture. Harvey Tordoff, on his own spiritual quest, encountered The Secret Doctrine early and did not grasp it completely until he had matured, gone through life changes, and read it again. His new book of metaphysical poetry is titled O Lanoo! The beauty in the symmetry and mathematical perfection of all creation is a backdrop for our connection to each other and all that exists. Spiritual light radiates from the one source and touches everything. Each race evolved into the next one, connecting us back to the beginning and illustrating with clarity that all is truly one."
Katherine Brown, Aquarius, USA

"O Lanoo! is a compelling, rhythmic telling of the story of God, the universe and mankind. It is set in poetry form with several illustrations, adding a visual magic to the 19 lyrical and enlightening stanzas."
Adrian Mullen, Westmorland Gazette, UK

"Finding The Secret Doctrine a truly formidable work, Tordoff set himself the task of rewriting the basic story. More correctly, we should say that he decided to translate the "Stanzas of Dzyan" into a kind of contemporary English. The result is this slim volume in the form of an epic poem. O Lanoo! should be read as one student's efforts ~ a commendable one, we must add ~ to understand Blavatsky's exposition, particularly those magnificent stanzas on which her work is based which do indeed stir the heart, excite the mind and even awaken the intuition."
Joy Mills, The Quest Magazine, USA

"This book embodies the idea that there is no inherent conflict between creation and evolution. There is no suggestion of a new religion or a new way of life. Simply providing a complete picture of why we are here and who we are."
Dina Cimarusti, Evolving Times, USA

"O Lanoo! will prove to be greatly appreciated by all students of inspirational, New Age, and metaphysical studies. As a dedicated seeker of Truth, Tordoff has accomplished a masterful and important work for a whole new generation of the truth seekers."
Betsy L. Hogan, Mid West Book Review, USA

"In an age in which philosophy has become clouded either by word games or the meaning of signs and symbols, I found O Lanoo! both refreshing and stimulating."
Jim Greenhalf, Bradford Telegraph & Argus, UK

"A poetic story for those on a spiritual journey who want to know who we are and why we are here."
Here's Health Magazine, UK

"Not an easy read, more of a new age The Wasteland. But it's published by Findhorn, who know what's what, so if you can persevere you'll find some gems."
Wave Magazine, UK

"This beautifully produced book is more spiritual tract than pure poetry. Certainly the words are beautiful and poetical but as Tordoff admits in his generous introduction, there is a lot of repetition, which is no bad thing when you consider that parts of this poem can be used and offered up separately in spiritual celebration.

Here is a monumental undertaking written to faithfully reproduce the work it is based upon, which I have not read. Words here are more suited to nineteenth century poetry, so does this make good poetry for the New Millennium? Sadly, no. Something else I noticed was that Tordoff never really gets in close and tight. His words are poetic and create some nice images but everything is dealt with in a light manner.

Here then is one man's supreme achievement. I suspect he's done a marvellous job of unwinding and indeed unveiling Blavatsky's original text, but it's really not for the serious poet.

A special note about the many illustrations throughout the text. Nina O'Connell has done a magnificent job. Everything is achieved with lightness and confidence. When you tire of the text the drawings are compelling and uplifting."
Steve Anderson, New Hope International Review On-line